Ballast Water Management System and SOX Retrofitting Main activities:

3D image of Retrofitting Initial Analysis

INITIAL ANALYSIS - Every retrofitting project starts from conducting an initial analysis. This stage of the project must be be performed by an experied personnel. TTSP has the capacity to carry out these activities, such as:

  1. Piping diagram analysis
  2. Pipe material analysis
  3. Machine arrangement analysis (for discussion w/owner)
  4. Discussion w/owner - to be carried out by the customer
  5. Initial setting for CADMATIC project (Material, Pipe line name...)
photo of 3D laser scanning equipment

3D LASER SCANNING - 3D Laser Scanning of the existing structure of the vessel subject for retrofitting is very essential. Finished plans issued to the owner of the vessel cannot be relied on as reference in designing new pipes, machines, equipment, foundations, additional gratings and supports. There may be additional structures, installed after the delivery of the vessel that are not reflected in the finished plans.
The customer has the option to do the 3D laser scanning or TTSP will do it for the convinience of the customer.

DETAILED DRAWINGS - Detailed drawings will provide the customer the inputs for material ordering. These drawings will also help guide factory workers to properly interpret installation details.
TTSP has the tools and experience to produce these drawings including the necesary data for factory production.
Detail drawing outputs include:

  1. 3D Model(Full Set)
  2. Electrical Drawings
  3. Production Drawings
  4. Class Approval Drawings
  5. Installation Drawings

A further breakdown of the above-mentioned detailed drawing outputs are as follows:

Production Drawings:

  1. Valve List
  2. Pipe Support
  3. Foundation Seats
  4. Stack Drawing w/ Rainguard & Support
  5. Sea Chest Construction
  6. Distance Piece Construction and Installation
  7. New and Modified Tank Construction
  8. Arrangemnet of Floor

Electrical Drawings:

  1. Cable List
  2. Connection Diagrams
  3. Panel Remodeling
  4. Electric Power Consumption Table - With Short Circuit Calculation
  5. Wiring Diagram
  6. Electric Cable Modeling

Drawings for Class Approval:

  1. Pipe and Pipe Support - Isometric Drawing
  2. Pipe Hole Plan - For pipe penetration
  3. Outfitting - For funnel and Sea Chest
  4. Relocation Instruction Drawings for Existing Equipment

3D Model (Full Set):

  1. Equipment
  2. Seats
  3. Gratings and ladders
  4. Pipe and Pipe Supports


Graph image of TTSP-CESSD SOX Scrubber Experience


Graph image of TTSP-CESSD BWMS Experience

Graph image of TTSP-CESSD BWMS Makers and projects


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