3D image of hull piping diagram 2D image of hull piping diagram 2D drawing plan of hull piping arrangement hull spool piece drawing hull piping inspection actual photo

The Hull Piping Design Process:

1) Piping Diagram - Using the design specification the following schematic diagrams will be prepared:

  • Pumping Diagram
  • Miscellaneous Diagram
  • Hydraulic Diagram

2) 3D Piping Arrangement - Using the Piping Diagram and other references, a 3D data will be prepared during planning and this will be used in 2D output drawings for fabrication and installation.

3) 2D Piping Arrangement - The 2D Piping Arrangement is a plan used as a reference for installation of piping and other fittings on board.

4) Spool Piece - A 2D fabrication plan output from the 3D data. This will be used as a reference for fabrication at the pipe factory.

5) Actual Inspection - Actual inspection will be conducted to ensure that actual piping installation is being followed according to design.

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