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We design your electrical power, communication networks and lighting accessories needs for various ship designs, such as tankers, bulk carriers and container ships.

Electrical Diagram Team - dubbed "head of the ship's electrical system" is composed of highly qualified designers. Being the in-charge of ship’s power, maneuvering and communication systems, the team assures of well-informed & knowledgeable personnel competent enough to provide excellent electrical diagrams for ship and other electrical-related planning services. Diagram Team jobs are mainly:

  • Wiring Diagram
  • Load Calculations
  • Connections Diagram
  • Panel Modeling
  • Preparation of Test Procedure
  • Short Circuit Calculations

Electrical outfitting Team - as the body of the group is comprised of highly trained and innovative workforce. As accountable for ship’s electrical wiring, arrangement and equipment fittings, they make certain to apply ergonomics to ease monitoring and operation of electrical equipment without compromising efficiency and safety of life at sea. Electrical outfitting jobs are mainly:

  • Arrangement of Electric Equipment
  • Electric Cable Way Arrangement
  • Bill of Materials
  • Electric Panel Seats
  • Installation Plans
  • 3D Wiring of Equipment


Marine Cables

Images of electric cables, specifications and diagram

Connection Diagram (G/E Side)

image of ship's electrical connection diagram

2D and 3D Electrical Diagram

2D and 3D drawing of ship electrical diagram

Ship Bridge Actual Output and 3D Model

3D image of ship bridge and actual photo

Electrical Panel

Photo of ship's electrical panel

Cable Arrangement

Photo of ship's electrical cable arrangement

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