photo of TTSP General Affairs Staff

Dina Atamosa
General Affairs Staff

Ever since I graduated college, I have dreamed of landing a job at any Tsuneishi companies. But then at that time, the first to offer a job was a banking company. Still, I did not give up and now I’m here. Working at TTSP has been a great opportunity. There will be rough roads, but then again it will only lead to CONTENTMENT.

As a General Affairs staff, my primary concern is to give prompt assistance to my colleagues. Whenever they have requests or concerns and I have delivered the feedback, their simple THANK YOU is enough for me to be motivated to do my job well.

My colleagues here are helpful and cooperative. If I have come across some firsts, they gladly support me to manage the situation. They encourage me if I am down and help me to get through. My colleagues are my second family and TTSP is, literally, a second home.

Photo of ship accommodation design engineer

Ryan Suba-an
Ship Design Staff - Ship Accommodation

I choose TTSP not because I really wanted to. Way back years ago, I was badly in need of a stable job for me to live here in Cebu and help my family back in Surigao. To make the story short, I got the job after taking the exam and interviews which were almost impossible to pass. Honestly, my real passion is to work in a certain design/construction firm in line with my acquired degree. However, as time passed by, I was beginning to realize that TTSP was best suited for my personality, for my career and capability to work.

Presently, I am part of a team for which work environment is beyond compare. The work environment is as busy as one can imagine. Fortunately, my team mates were molded in a competitive manner. They are motivated and patient individuals. Thus, they are always able to cope with our work demands amid difficulties and tight schedules. I give credits to our mentors and supervisor who never fail to impart knowledge to us in the field of ship design. Godspeed TTSP!

photo of ship hull outfitting design engineer

Reymond Sanchez
Ship Design Staff - Hull Outfitting

As a design staff, aside from preparing drawings it is our duty to coordinate all concerned parties comprising each item (i.e., Owner’s representatives, Equipment makers, Yard Engineers, and Japanese counterparts). Keeping a good and healthy relationship to each counterpart by satisfying their requirements is what I considered the most impressive thing I’ve done.

The opportunity of joining the company came just after I graduated while I was busy preparing for the board exam. I immediately took the entrance exams and interviews. I was luckily hired as part of 33rd batch which marked my first employment starting way back January 2011. I have chosen TTSP not just because it’s a globally competitive company but also because I was very eager to learn the ship designing technology which is a plus factor to my profession as a Civil Engineer.

The working environment in TTSP is safe and comfortable. I consider TTSP as my second home.

photo of ship electrical outfitting design engineer

Calvin Opone
Ship Design Staff - Electrical Outfitting

TTSP was introduced to me by a job fair in our school. I passed the preliminary technical exam but I did not submit my application at first. I was frustrated when another company that I applied for did not accept me because of a medical complication discovered during physical examination. I was perceived unfit for the physical nature of the job. That was when I decided to submit my application in TTSP. Fortunately, I landed in this job.

In Electrical Design Group, the Outfitting Design takes about 70% of the total job load for a particular ship. Keeping up with the schedule and deliveries is important. Learning and knowing other engineering discipline practiced by other teams is also very important because our job is interdependent.

The working environment of TTSP is like a classroom environment where designers are the students, leaders as teachers and that drawing plans are the exams, although, in a more professional level.

photo of CAD engineering services and sub-contracting design engineer

Carlimne Celo
Ship Design Staff - CAD Engineering Services Sub-contracting Department

We are providing superior Detail and Production Designs in the Marine and offshore EPC industries. As your preferred Engineering Service Sub contractor for 2D/3D detailing and modeling with the use of leading-edge CAD tools such as CADMATIC, NUPAS CADMATIC, AVEVA MARINE/PDMS, LATTICE XVL, 3D-MATES, AUTODESK INVENTOR and AUTOCAD. We are focusing mostly in Piping Designs especially in Engine Room.

I chose to work here in TTSP because I’m contented with what I have. And I am challenged with the nature of my work.

The working environment here in TTSP is quite busy but we are still a family-centered company. We have time for pleasure and bonding.

photo of ship design supervisor

Glenn C. Sobrio
Ship Design Staff - CAD Engineering Services Sub-contracting Department

A few years ago when CADmatic was introduced to TTSP,   there were only three engineers selected for a weeklong training of this 3D CAD Software. I was one of them. Since we chose not to invest in additional training cost, we did further study of the entire software process ourselves. Until such time, I have gained the knowledge needed to be the trainer for the new members.

Looking back when job security was my primary factor to consider in choosing an employer, I found TTSP. It is among the world-class in ship design firms, having its mother company as one of the top ten shipbuilders worldwide. A fresh graduate like me then would do his very best to be a part of this organization.

Luckily, I was one of the few who made it as a Design Engineer in TTSP after the application process. It has been more sixteen years now and I still choose to stay here.

photo of ship interior accommodation and outfitting design staff

Rene Daling
Ship Design Staff - Interior Accommodation and Outfitting

It’s most impressive to be working with some Senior Design Engineers, Senior Japanese staffs (in Japan) and owner representatives with different races and culture. Furthermore, working with them, knowing their different perspectives and realizing their ideas are other activities I consider the most impressive tasks that I’ve done so far.

TTSP is my first job since I became an Engineer and I have stayed in it since then because I adapted well with my work as well as the workplace.

I became more responsible and proud of every single accomplishment which I consider as a success. It challenges me a lot and teaches me to be a good person and being a professional. It is a friendly working environment here in TTSP.

It is drug-free and I feel safe inside its premises.

photo of hull construction and design group supervisor

Dennis Juarez
Ship Design Staff - Hull Construction and Design Group

I still choose TTSP until now. For 22 years this December 2022, I’ve had some opportunities knocking on my door but still chose to stay due to my family. I want to fulfill my dreams with my family. Compared to other companies in the Philippines, TTSP still can compete with regards to salaries and benefits, anyways. Being in a Company with a world class job gives me pride to my name and to my family. The TTSP, with the help of TSC and TE, molds me well not just as a Ship Designer but also as a leader.

Every Staff should be responsible in every decision he makes upon designing his vessel. He must think that the future of the company depends on staffs like him. If the company succeeds in its goal because of his hard work, then the company can surely share their fortune with them through salaries, benefits and bonuses. As what they say, “Work for about 2 pesos if you are paid with 1 peso in order for the company to succeed and for your job to prosper.”

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