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Catherine G. Lerias
Support Staff - Information System

I’ve been working for 6 years now in TTSP starting as a Group Clerk from the past five years. I have recently been re-classified (last year) as a Junior IT Staff after having finished a Bachelor in Electronics Communication and having been exposed to certain IT Tasks.

It has been a big deal for me having been re-classified into an IT Staff. It was a step towards the fulfillment of my dreams in the future.

TTSP has always been very considerate with the needs of their employees in such a way that it gives them discounted dormitory accommodations complete with household and some sports facilities. It also provides free air-conditioned bus transportation for employees who travel from Cebu City to Balamban and back.

tsuneishi employee impression

Clint Christian Gerebese
Ship Design Staff - Machinery Piping Team

I work as a Design Technician, contributing in parts, to the design of a ship as a whole. The people around me aren’t just my colleagues; they are also fun to work with. Over time, we’ve built a strong bond which makes it better and easier for us to work as a team.

The tight schedule to finish the tasks on time with stringent consideration to quality have always been a challenge working in TTSP since day one.

TTSP taught me to be more flexible. In this company, we encounter different people with a few different cultures and varied personalities, but we learn from them and it’s a process of growth. TTSP taught me how to be a responsible individual. Ultimately, it has taught me how to handle any situation in a professional manner most especially at work.

tsuneishi employee impression

Gerald Nemenzo
Ship Design Staff - Accommodation Piping Team

Looking back, I was a Jollibee crew and a full-time student for four years, struggling to make both ends meet. I worked 8 hours a day and studied 6 hours or more. It was the hardest job I had because every task must be carried out swiftly in accordance with strict standards of food preparation. I was always under pressure at work, plus, the demands of my studies. There were times I lose hope of becoming an Engineer.

Now, I am honored to have become a part of TTSP, which is a reputable ship designing company. It was a great opportunity for me to be dispatched to Japan last 2017. I am thankful that TTSP gives importance to employees and their respective families. It affords work and family time balance which I didn’t have in my previous job.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Cherokee Domingo
Office Staff - Nesting & Cutting Plan Team

I was just studying in college when I first heard about TTSP. My goal was to work here not just because it is near from home, but also because I could see that there are a lot that I could learn in TTSP which I didn’t learn from the academe. TTSP has helped mold me to be more responsible and to be confidently able to handle different situations.

I’ve been working here in TTSP for five (5) years now. I love it here because they give utmost importance to their employees. It simply feels best to be in this company.

We are like brothers and sisters. We have a good relationship in our team and they really treat me well since I first started. We enjoy working as a team all the time and I’m very thankful to be a part of a strong team in this organization.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Clyde Phillip Sarsuelo
Ship Design Staff - Machinery Piping Team

I have been working in TTSP for three years now. It all started when I applied here as an OJT where I became fascinated with what I was into. I was eventually absorbed to be a regular employee.

I am working as a Design Technician in TTSP, contributing with my assigned parcels in ship drawing plans for the overall design of a ship.

What I like most working here in ttsp is the atmosphere and the people around me; they are very helpful and accommodating. My co-workers and superiors are always there to support me in my challenges at work.

TTSP has helped me grow professionally by exposing me to interact with professionals, guidance in terms of demeanors and skills development. It helped me become matured and career-driven individual.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Art Gulle Quiñanola
Ship Design Staff - Hull Piping Team

Honestly, as a licensed Civil Engineer, I never dreamed to work as Ship Design Engineer until the TTSP HR team conducted an orientation in our review center. Since then, I desired to know more about shipbuilding.

Unknowingly, I am now enjoying my 6th year in service as Design Engineer 2 in this team, which develops schematic drawings of piping systems for the ship’s hull part and prepares some drawings reflecting the fire protection system of the vessel.

Indeed, TTSP has helped me gain technical know-how on ship design industry. The development of my skills boosts my self-confidence in performing my daily tasks. I feel accomplished as a Design Engineer.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Rommel Dalanon
Ship Design Staff - Machinery Outfitting Team

Hello everyone! I’m Engr. Rommel W. Dalanon a member of Machinery Outfitting Team and designated as a Design Engineer at Tsuneishi Technical Services Philippines Inc. (TTSP).

I have been working here for five (5) years now. So far it has been a great ride since. People/co-employees treat me not just as any regular employee but as one of their family members, especially in our team. Indeed, we're like brothers and sisters.

It's physically comfortable working here having a well-organized, clean, pollution-free, and well conditioned office. The shelter they provide for stay-in employees are well-equipped and furnished to afford us a relaxing abode. Such comfort allows us to easily regain our strength and moral after a day's work load.


tsuneishi employee impressions

Kris Marabulas
Ship Design Staff - CAD Engineering Services and Subcontracting Department

I am a Design Engineer whose task is to cater to specialized engineering jobs which are outside the scope of (ship designing) and assist in engineering works of other departments.

What I like most working in TTSP is the experience of turning ideas into reality. It's good to see your drawing plans being realized physically. I'm always challenged to apply engineering works that were taught in school as I gain new knowledge available in this industry.

TTSP has helped me become the professional I am now because of the amount of dedication and knowledge they have imparted to me. We are instilled to deliver only quality designs to satisfy our customers. I have been provided trainings within and outside the company, locally and abroad to be more competent in my field.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Joseph Sabrey Festejo
Ship Design Staff - Completion Team

As a Design Engineer, I do testing, measurements and make plans (needed for the ship's navigation) with the team when a ship is about to be completed,

I enjoy being out of the office at times, going to the yard and conducting sea trials. I always welcome different challenges to which my teammates and I face in our field of work.

As my first work after graduating from college, TTSP helped me to become a skilled and accomplished employee. My self-confidence has improved dramatically, which is very helpful in meeting and conversing with surveyors and ship owners.

In a Japanese company, everything you need is being provided. The facilities and work environment are conducive to our work. When the day ends, our comfortable and well-furnished dorms become our second home.

tsuneishi employee impressions

Jayen Rio Escabusa
Ship Design Staff - CESSD Hull Outfitting

The people I work with in TTSP are like books because I always learn something new (life and career) that can help guide me throughout my journey. They are the people whom you can trust and can be your shoulder during your hard times. I call them “barkada” whom I can share jokes, laughter and weirdness when we are together.

Being a shy person, I am very challenged in facing other people or being alone in the center of a crowd. It is also challenging for me to see my drawings with comments and corrections, but I positively regard them as something to learn from and improve on.

TTSP has helped me grow professionally by molding me as a better person, to have self-confidence and to learn how to socialize with my workmates. By adopting the T-LIFE culture it helps me realize how important it is to have a good relationship with each co-worker regardless of position, status or nationality.

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