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Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.), Inc.

West Cebu Industrial Park (WCIP)

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6041, Philippines


Gerland Nemenzo

To begin, I am now 3 years in TTSP as a Design Engineer in Accommodation Piping (AP) team.

Looking back, I was a Jollibee crew and a full-time student for four years, struggling to make both ends meet. I worked 8 hours a day and studied 6 hours or more. It was the hardest job I had because every task must be carried out swiftly in accordance with strict standards of food preparation. I was always under pressure at work, plus, the demands of my studies. There were times I lose hope of becoming an Engineer.

One time, my professor reprimanded me to choose between working and studying because I always fell asleep in my subjects. It was tiresome and I felt so much pain emotionally with my struggles. However, I still continued with what I thought was the right thing to do. I worked even harder as a Jollibee scholar and as an Engineering student. I could only thank the Almighty for the strength, as well as my family and friends for the support in helping me surpassing my trials.

My experience as a fast food crew helped me to be stronger and quick in decision-making. The demands of work helped me to be strong physically, mentally and spiritually. It contributed to my effective time management and helped me to be flexible with different kinds of people. It has become easy for me to get along well with my current workmates, especially to my teammates.

Now, I am honored to have become a part of TTSP, which is a reputable ship designing company. It was a great opportunity for me to be dispatched to Japan last year 2017. I am thankful that TTSP gives importance to employees and their respective families. It affords work and family time balance which I didn’t have in my previous job.

Thus, to those who are still struggling to realize their goals, I encourage them to never lose hope. Make prayer an important part of your journey for strength and guidance. Be humble always and have patience. Strive for your dreams despite the hindrances. I made it and so you will.

Thinking that I finished college, paying for my own tuition with my meager salary was a great achievement. I am proud of what I have overcome in my hurdles. To all working students out there, I wish you God’s blessings.

Kenneth Lloyd Fuentes

What are your jobs here in TTSP?
I'm a Design Specialist 1 from the Hull Production Design Group and under Nesting and Cutting Plan Team.
What do you enjoy/like most in working in TTSP?
What I like most are the people I'm working with. Even though each one of us is so busy we still find ways to laugh together and share experiences in our day to day life.
How do you describe the people you work with?
They are all goal-keepers.
How did TTSP help you grow professionally?
For almost 5 years of service, the company has helped me grow professionally through continued technical trainings, nomunications, group outings, one-on-one chat with respective group managers, and most especially the up-close meeting with our President. It’s really a good experience to have a chance to express your thoughts and ask questions directly to him. In that meeting I have learned many things that will surely help me to grow more professionally.
What is your most memorable experience in TTSP?
My most memorable experience was when I passed the promotion exam for Design Specialist 1.
What can you say about the facilities available in the company (office and/or dorm)?
They are good and well-maintained.
What do you enjoy most about your free time?
I play basketball with my friends at the Tsuneishi dormitory basketball court facility. Sometimes I also watch anime.
What is your most favorite among the regular company activities conducted yearly?
My most favorite of the company activities conducted annually is the Family day.
How do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself still contributing for the continued success of the company while keeping my own goals.

Art Quiñanola

What are your jobs here in TTSP?
Honestly, I never dreamed that I would be a Ship Design Engineer until such time when TTSP HR team had an orientation in our review center. On that day, I had the desire to know more about shipbuilding. Unknowingly, I am now enjoying my 4th year in service as Design Engineer 2 in TTSP under Outfitting Design Department.
I am currently assigned in Hull Piping Diagram Team, which develop schematic drawings of piping systems for the ship’s hull part. We also prepare some drawings showing the fire protection of the vessel.
What do you enjoy/like most in working in TTSP?
I enjoy attending to the ship owner`s inquiries and requests about their vessels, as well as communicating and working with the Makers and Classification society.
How do you describe the people you work with?
They are professional individuals who are always willing to extend their hands when you need them. Moreover, they are caring persons whenever you need them. I don’t just consider them as workmates and colleagues but friends and family as well.
How did TTSP help you grow professionally?
TTSP helped me gain technical know-how on ship design industry. The development of my skills boosts my self-confidence in fulfilling my day-to-day tasks. TTSP has made me feel accomplished as a Design Engineer.
What is your most memorable experience in TTSP?
My first ever dispatch for training in Japan has been my most memorable experience so far.I had a chance to work with Japanese staffs and witnessed their professionalism and discipline in their work.
It was my first time to experience Japan`s four distinct seasons, and to be exposed to their culture.
Indeed, nothing beats the first time and I am very thankful to TTSP for that kind of opportunity.
How do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself as a successful person yet living a simple life with a family of my own, a great provider and a loving husband. I think that by focusing on one’s goal coupled with the right attitude, everything is possible.
What are the challenges you face in working in TTSP?
Quality – a simple seven-letter word but the most challenging value in my job.
A lot of discipline and a sense of ownership need to be invested in order to achieve it.
Though there are a lot of challenges I always face in my work, quality is a big deal. It’s a big value.
Every drawing must be intricately done, and an open communication with other staff from other departments must be observed at all times.
What are your guiding principles in life and career?
“Consistency of purpose is the secret of success!”
We do have different definitions and views about success in life or career.
For me, to be consistent with what we want and where we want to be is the most important thing in achieving our desired goals.