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Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.), Inc.

West Cebu Industrial Park (WCIP)

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Buanoy, Balamban Cebu

6041, Philippines


Alejandro Aquino

I joined this organization three years ago under electrical outfitting section responsible for the arrangement of a vessel’s wiring in its electrical equipment. I was trained to draw plans manually using some engineering drawing tools. I was later trained using CAD. The training I had gone through helped me a lot to be able to understand and analyze more details of three-dimensional design drawings. My hard works paid off when the company gave me the opportunity to be dispatched to Japan in 2014. I am very thankful to the company as well as to my leaders and mentors for that opportunity. It was during my assignment in Japan that I was able to observe the Japanese ways and work methods. Those observations helped me learn a lot from them.

When I came back here in TTSP, I was then transferred to Power and Automatic Diagram section. That was an answered prayer because I am really interested in doing Electrical jobs. When I was still taking up the degree in Electrical Engineering I got impassioned to land a job related to power generation/distribution such as applied in ships and electrical power plants. Ships have their own power generation supplying some motors of varying types and capacities that perform different functions for them while on voyage or at shore. The power produced by the power generators supply all lighting fixtures, navigational equipment, etc.

Currently, I am still on the stage of learning. I thank my teammates and my mentor for the support and guidance. I am looking forward for more learning experiences towards my work.

Working here at TTSP is not that easy because it’s miles away from my family and loved ones. Fortunately, we have many ways to enjoy our stay here. We got friends and colleagues to go out for drinks at times. Moreover, we have a yearly, intra-company basketball tournament for everybody to join. These and other company activities compensate for the homesickness I experience.

Michael Soco

I have been working in TTSP for about 10 years now under Machinery Outfitting Team of Machinery Design Group. Through all these years, I have accomplished more valuable tasks despite the challenges we are facing all the time. The people I work with are professionals in terms of skills and decorum with the continuous drive towards growth, development and excellence. There’s so much camaraderie and teamwork that made me decide to stay put. I do consider that every day is a blessing for us.

Working in TTSP has always been filled with memorable and interesting experiences which drive me to continue working here. It’s the reason that I relocated my own family nearby. Aside from that, there are opportunities to grow which boost my self-esteem and confidence. We have a competitive salary rate to compensate for our efforts. Moreover, the regular company activities like the annual Family Day add excitement to my family.

The company has been helpful to me because of the opportunities and programs that exist like the intra-company work transfers, Health Insurance and Housing Loan Program to shelter my family. My work still permits me to balance my time between work, family and hobbies. With the benefits mentioned, I see myself being able to afford educational fulfillment to my children and being more motivated to become successful with my career in the future.

Jan Mark Lorenton

I am Jan Mark L. Lorenton, a design technician in Tsuneishi Technical Services Phil. I am part of the Hull Construction Design Group for three (3) years and a half since I was hired as contractual employee of the company. I became a regular employee on August 2013. I like working in TTSP because of the nature of job, that is, ship designing. Back in my school years, I never imagined myself working in a ship design company, although, it was in college years that I have come to love the AutoCAD subject.

In designing team that I am currently assigned, I enjoy reading plans in 2D because it widens my imagination in 3D. The people I work with bring forth professionalism in me. My leaders and seniors teach me useful technical skills that are applicable in my work. Sometimes we share jokes as a way to relieve work-related stress. We help each other within the team when in need. Leaders, seniors, and fellow team mates treat each other not just as fellow employees, but as family and friends inside and outside of the workplace.

My most memorable experience in TTSP was when I was given an opportunity to go to Japan for a business trip. For the three (3) months of stay in Tsuneishi Engineering, I learned a lot from the Japanese staffs which enhanced my skills. I also had the chance to experience their culture. I am hoping to go back there soon. It was through TTSP that I was able to take up Japanese language lessons. I hope to take Japanese lessons again in TTSP. Lastly, I enjoy the company activities because it is nice to have fun with your team mates like the “Nomu” (short for Nomunication), which is a Japanese term and company-paid expense for team bonding.

I see myself in the future as a senior staff who will still support the team and the company.

This principle indirectly apply to my motto, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; while small minds discuss people”. I believe that our Top Management including our leaders discusses ideas for a better company future because they have great minds. I hope that they will always give importance to their employees because we are the driving force of the institution.